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Hi Everyone,

I bought the SM35-j-r20 for a new project. I have experience with the unistream models. With that, it was easy to connect via ethernet or USB. But with the Samba (visilogic) I have problems to connect with the plc. 

I get an communication drive error (206). 

I use a glodX GXMU-1200 USB to serial converter, with Prolific driver (I've tried different versions)  . My baudrate is set to 57600. My OS is Win 11. 

I hope you can help me. 


Thank you in advance. 


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First step - check - is it USB-RS232 device in working condition. Connect pin 2 to pin 3 of GXMU-1200 USB to serial converter.

Use terminal program for transmit and receive some character.  If 2 and 3 pin connected - you can see the same message in send and recieve window.

If this test = OK.

Read manual on page 11


You must check 3 wire from converter to PLC:

 RS232 GND(5) ---- 0V refrence pin 2 or 5  PLC.

RS232 RX(2) ----- TXD pin 3 PLC

RS232 TX(3) ----- RXD pin 4 PLC

If it is OK. 

Check in Visilogic - is it com port number = USB -COM converter com number.

Last tip - Uninstall Visilogic and run Visilogic  installation as Administrator.


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