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OS update won't finish


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I've tried to download a test project on a brand-new plc (US5-B10-RA28) and got a message that I won't be able to do it until the controller OS is updated. So I did it following the help instructions. I used a 16 GB DOK with FAT32 and started an update via UniApps. After about 20min I got an error message saying that the update has failed. I restarted the PLC by turning it off and on (because I couldn't do it from the UniLogic) and verified that the PLC sees the USB stick and update files of it. This time I started the process again, but using "Remote Update" in UniLogic.  The update is going on for about 4-5 hours, so I suppose it will never finish. 

UniLogic version: 1.32.61

Firmware I'm trying to install: 1.32.63

Unfortunately, I don't remember the firmware that the PLC had, I think it was 1.25

Any suggestions? 

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after OS update process we can find normal updated PLC, not updated (update filed but PLC in working condition), not updated - PLC is not started.

Standard update process:


If PLC do not start:



If you have problems with standard update - I recommend changing the USB DOK to another new one from another manufacturer.

If the process of updating a new PLC has not taken place - you can change the PLC to a new one under warranty.

If your attempts are unsuccessful, and you can't quickly replace the controller - I recommend contacting the manufacturers - they have quality online support.


Qualified Unitronics employees can remotely check the upgrade process and fix your problem.


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