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Jazz JZ20-J-T20HS + Steppermotor Advice needed.

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Goodmorning Everyone,

I have recently started a project controlling a steppermotor with a Jazz JZ20-J-T20HS PLC. 

I got the idea from a youtube video that i recently came by.  In the video they control a Steppermotor with a plc and a drive controller for the steppermotor.

I know how to program the code in my plc u90 program but got a hard time figuring out the right "stepper motor drive controller". Is anyone known by this technic that can recommend a drive controller that i can put togheter with my jazz.  Preferably a controller with a clear wiring diagram.  I do have a "TB6600 Stepper Motor drive", availeble but i can't figure out how to wire this drive.

The idea is to create a movement in which i can set the position and speed of the steppermotor. 

Below you find the link of the drive i have available right now:


Below you will find the link of the video i found online:

Thank you very for the time,


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Hi Willis;


The JZ20-J-T20HS  has 2  NPN  HSO   -- Review the Spec Sheet and the Installation guide

There are a few example programs in the Help-Examples-Motion  of the U90 ladder Program.   Review these.

On the Drive, the DIR   will determine the direction the stepper will turn ( on or OFF.  the PUL  will move the stepper ( High Speed output).

For proper wiring, you will need the PDF  data sheet for the driver  to review the interface and  determine wiring.

Create a schematic of the interface, and we can review and guide.



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Hi Dant,

Thank you for your reply.  Below you will find the datasheet of the tb6600 driver

If i am right i can only wire from the plc with a resistor in between. The plc will give 24 v if i am right and the possible voltage for the driver in the dir and pul section is 5 volts.




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On 2/2/2022 at 9:54 AM, Wills said:

If i am right i can only wire from the plc with a resistor in between. The plc will give 24 v if i am right and the possible voltage for the driver in the dir and pul section is 5 volts.



The high-speed outputs Dan speaks of are NPN open collectors:



They provide a path to 0V, not a 24V signal.

If you know the size of the opto-isolator current limiting resistor inside the stepper control you can put a resistor in series to limit the current to about 10 mA.  The inputs to the stepper control must be isolated for this to work.  If your stepper control inputs are separate and have plus and minus labels they probably are.

You can also look at this post for a more detailed and pictorial explanation of NPN outputs-

Note that in your instance, the way MattB originally wired it was to way you need to wire it-



The proper resistor value for you may or may not be 2K.  I was unable to open the data sheet link.  You'll need to download that and post it as well; if you put too small of a resistor in series with a 24V power supply you'll blow up your stepper controller inputs.


Draw up your schematic and post it so we can have a look. 

Joe T.

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Goodday Joe and DanT, 

Thanks for the help in the comments above. I figured it out with the help  and the wiring of MattB. The machine makes the right steps and works really well combined with some other sensors.  Sorry for the late reaction. 




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