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Hey everyone,

I have a question, i need to send this to a linux system:

Decimal: STX 1;12 ETX=> ASCII(dec): 2 49  59 49 50 3

I have spoken to the programmer of the linux system and he told me that our whole comunication will go by ASCII.

I am completly new to rs 232 so i hope u guys can help me get going.


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You will  need to set up the RS232 Com Port

You can use the FB Protocol  Function blocks to send the data string.

Under Help, go to Examples, and then to Communications and look at the examples under FB Protocol.

     the Example      V130_Send_number_and_string          illustrates how to do this.

In Help - search  fb s library  and then Communications Protocol

Experiment, post your code  with your questions.







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  • MVP 2023

The best way to solve your problem is to try to transfer the required packets first using the program on your PC.

Only after making sure that you are transmitting the correct data can you try to transmit them using the PLC Protocol function.

Here are topics with links to programs and some tips for using Protocol FB



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