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Problem with Transparancy

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  • MVP 2023

I have often had a similar problem. If there is a large number of elements on the HMI screen, VisiLogic will sometimes "forget" the transparency of some of them. I can go back and re-set the transparency property and it will stay that way for awhile and then "forget" again. As far as I can tell, this is all happening in VisiLogic - if I download after re-setting they stay set on the PLC, but next time I open the project in VisiLogic they're lost again. Make sure you check the elements in VisiLogic after every change to the project before you download to the PLC.

By the way, this experience is based on a v570 with VisiLogic 8.6.3. The problem may be fixed in version 9.

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I "played" with this yesterday, confirm that objects appear in Visilogic editor with transparent background, but don't display that way on the PLC.

Hi Simon,

Just to clarify. Are you saying that you can duplicate the same issue or are you asking me to confirm again that I have the issue?

Sorry, I have a knack for misunderstanding.



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