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Connection problems USL-15-B05 to USC-C10RA28


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Dear All,

I am having a strange problem in establishing the connection between a USL-156-B05 Unistream display and a PLC type USC-C10-RA28. I am honestly not sure, if I have caused this in program, or if the screen has a problem.

Everything was working fine for a while, but after a program update the screen cannot make the VLC connection anymore (yep....usually hints to a program fault). 

After a program download  the screen is trying to connect for a while, but ends with the error message of not being able to establish a connection.
A ping to the PLC is successful. A remote VNC connection to the panel IP using a laptop is working.
The VNC connection settings on the panel is a bit strange, since "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons are both 'greyed' out, without showing any action when pressed (see hereafter):


Does anyone have an idea, why this has stopped working?

Any help is highly appriciated.





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