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Web Service - Web page occasionally shuts off

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Hi all,


I've run into a reoccurring issue with a web page. I have a V1210 setup to contain remote inputs and have configured the web page to show a list of the analog values. It works great, just type in the IP and get those values remotely from the office. However the web page will occasionally halt, throwing a "web page took too long to respond" error. At this point it stays like that until I send the PLC a reset command. Is there some sort of time out feature or user access limit for the web service? 

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There are myriad references on the forum to links dropping and solutions, but the very first question to answer is:

Do you have SB168 set with a power-up value of 1?  I'm guessing you do, given you say you send a reset,  but it's the first thing to check.

cheers, Aus

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SB168 is initialized to 1, as well as being 1 while looking at the program in online mode. 

In my debugging attempts SI145 has caught my attention. With no web page open, SI145 sits at a value of 2. With one instance of the webpage open, SI145 will sit at 2 and flick up to 6 every 10 seconds (the length of the webpage refresh time). With multiple instances of the web page open on other devices, SI145 flicks to 6 every ten seconds for each instance that is open. The webpage was working fine when I got in this morning, so it seems like it only gets hung up when too many devices are viewing the webpage at once. It is easy to limit the number of people opening the webpage, but I am wondering if there is some way to bring the webpage back online without resetting the whole PLC.

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