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Non-standard use of RS 232 port as.... discrete PLC input.


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While upgrading the control system of the parts washer, I ran into a supply problem now called "chip shortage".

In general, there was a remote control box with V570 panel and a control cabinet at a distance of 20 m, in which the EX D16A3-TO16 extension module is located. It uses all inputs and outputs for the machine's needs.

The start of the automatic cycle had to be done with protected hermetic buttons on the remote control box near the panel (this requirement is dictated by the abrasive that is on the parts that are loaded into the parts washer, this abrasive on the gloves of the workers can quickly destroy the touch panel).

However, the V570 requires a snap-in module to connect two buttons. And this particular module was not available...

The solution was found and the system is already working.

Now in more detail. Two panel com ports (RS232) are used as two discrete inputs. Below is the button connection diagram and a piece of ladder code that explains the idea.



The machine is already in operation.

P.S. I will have to wait for the snap-in for some time and then connect everything as originally planned.


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