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Delay to load new screen

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Never place the contact for a timer in the same rung as the timer coil. Further, in my opinion it is poor form to hang a coil off the left ladder rail.

Here is how I would do it:


Why use SB2 to activate the timer coil? No important reason, but it indicates that this action is taken at the beginning of the PLC run and not at any other time. You could use SB 1 or any MB that has its Power Up as Set.

Don't try to do too much in a single ladder rung. As a matter of fact it is best form to do as little as possible in a ladder rung. That makes the logic more bullet-proof (you can be more certain that the logic will compile as you are expecting it to) and it makes it easier to understand when you or someone else must edit it at a later date.

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