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Non matching projects - when they should match


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Hello, I was moving my Unlogic project to another computer (two other computers actually) and upgrading it to the newest version (1.32.98). 

Everything seems normal on one computer(A) , but when I move to the other one (B) I get the "THe project currently in the PLC does not match the current project" when trying to get Online  albeit both computers are using the same project file.   

If I try to download from (B) I get a message  "Unilog was unable to read Global Tags information from PLC..." and if I continue from there then it stops with a message about an unknown error - and nothing is downloaded.

Anyone who has some input on this ?

Thanks, Bjarni




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On 8/19/2022 at 4:19 PM, Gabriel Franco said:

I noticed that using a different version of Unilogic to get online (other than the version used to program and download to PLC) gives not match error.

I suggest you to use same versions on both computers.


Yes, same version on both

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5 hours ago, Saragani said:

It looks like a communication problem with the PLC. Both errors suggests that UniLogic was unable to fully communicate with the PLC, and I would suggest to check that port 22 isn't blocked somehow.

Thanks for the hint.  The problem computer is managed by an IT department.  I'll send an inquiry to them.

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