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Access to recipe file on SD card—outside of PLC program


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I'm working with an existing machine.

I have zero experience working with Unilogic, except  for one hour of monitoring the logic on this same machine.

I only need to edit a recipe file on the SD card. I don't need to change the PLC program.

Presumably I can locate the recipe file on the SD card;  copy the file to my laptop; edit the file; copy the file back to the SD card.

I'm not seeing anything in the help system that talks about accessing files on the SD card outside the PLC program.

Can someone point me in the right direction?




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32 minutes ago, Gabriel Franco said:

Probably you would need Unistream Data Converter Suite (https://www.unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/UniStream_Data_Converters_Suite_1_0_18.zip) to get access and convert datatable to Excel to be able to modify it.



Thanks for the info. I have downloaded the utility. Looks pretty straightforward.

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Thanks,  NoamM, that's good to know.

Turns out that the pertinent information in the file on the SD card originates in a remote database, having been retrieved earlier in the process via a SQL command. So, the fix was to update the information in the database; the PLC program did not need to change.

I appreciate the help received.


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