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Recording Values every 24 hours for pH then displaying them on the HMI

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I'm looking for a way to go about doing this, I just need to be able to read the pH every 24 hours then have it record the value. Then on the HMI be able to see the recorded values for the past week. 

If you know how to start this, it would be very helpful. I already have the program for pH going into the PLC, so no need to worry about that. 

The PLC I will be using is the V120-12-R1. 


Thank you for your help, 

Abby M

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If you already have the program for pH going ok on the PLC, you have the pH number in the system. 

Look up the Help files and read about how to use Data Tables.  Once you've done that, then have a play with Numeric on the screen page.

And please stop posting multiple topics that are essentially about the same thing.

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