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EX-RC1 configuration


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My respect,

We have a complete Unitronics system (USP-156-B10, EX-RC1, and other expansion devices).
One EX-RC1 wont communicate with PLC, only PWR LED gives a signal, the communication LEDs do not.
Second one is working perfectly.

We want to backup the configuration from EX-RC1 and upload to a new device.

Please help me what are the steps! 🙁

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The EX-RC1   is a Vision Product.

Download     VisiLogic.

Use VisiLogic to communicate with the EX-RC1  via the Serial Poert  ( 57,600 K )   ( RS232-CB1 COM Cable)

The EX-RC1  is based around  a stripped down  V120 , set up for CANBUS communications.

You can upload the configuration, save it and download to the new one.

Remember to set the DIP Switches for the address.

Check the configuration after you download and the structs  for the data transfers.


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