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Unreliable Behavior Unitronics VFD Function Blocks


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Has anyone successfully integrated Unitronics VFDs with the unistream over Modbus using their built in function blocks?  The Function blocks that are available in Unilogic don't work reliably, example:

"VFD Run Frequency" will run the VFD at the first set frequency but wont allow you to change even if you call it again with a different frequency, it will update the "set frequency" in the vfd but output does not change

"VFD Stop" will not stop the VFD, sometimes it slows it down at completely random times and frequencies but never actually stops

"VFD Emergency Stop" does actually stop but not in a controlled manor according to the manual.


I followed the quick start guide and made all the setting changes to control over modbus but this is not looking good.  Is there something obvious I'm missing?

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