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  1. Random thought, I'm working on a similar situation now and my concern with using the schedule is what happens if the operator/manager/whoever turns off the machine over night or the power is out during the schedule time?
  2. Once you save it to the SD card you then FTP that file to your NAS folder. "Store DIT to File" (pay attention to the CSV file name requirements in the help file) WAIT for Save to Complete "FTP Send" (pay attention to the CSV file name requirements in the help file) To get it back to the PLC you can use and FTP client to send it to the SD card or Automatically: "FTP Receive" (pay attention to the CSV file name requirements in the help file) WAIT "Convert CSV to UDTF" (pay attention to the CSV file name requirements in the help file) WAIT "Load DTI from File" This is how you do it automatically, (such as after changes or on a time interval) if you just need the backup I would just go in through an FTP client like FileZilla and grab the file off the SD card.
  3. Hi, Im using Function Block "MC Apply Torque" with the Unitronics Ethercat servo drive. The help file defines the torque ramp (parameter E) "Units defined in Axis Configuration, torque per sec." Does anyone know the normal "scale" of this number and what a higher number vs a lower number here means in practice? I have submitted a help ticket to support but was hoping someone knew here. Thank you. -Swervo
  4. Occasionally I get errors/faults on the servo drives and would like to be able to show the error code on the HMI, In the IO Structs for "Drive1 (UMD-E3)" and "Drive1" I have not been able to locate anything that looks like an error code. Under "Drive1 (UMD-E3)" struct "Slave State" and "Slave Error" are available but these do not reflect the error code shown on the screen of the drive -Swervo
  5. Has anyone successfully integrated Unitronics VFDs with the unistream over Modbus using their built in function blocks? The Function blocks that are available in Unilogic don't work reliably, example: "VFD Run Frequency" will run the VFD at the first set frequency but wont allow you to change even if you call it again with a different frequency, it will update the "set frequency" in the vfd but output does not change "VFD Stop" will not stop the VFD, sometimes it slows it down at completely random times and frequencies but never actually stops "VFD Emergency Stop" does actually stop but not in a controlled manor according to the manual. I followed the quick start guide and made all the setting changes to control over modbus but this is not looking good. Is there something obvious I'm missing?
  6. We have successfully connected to our headless plc with a VNC viewer on a tablet (android) but they act like a computer mouse where when you move your finger a curser on screen moves. Is there a better VNC viewer that acts as a touch screen (finger click/taps) instead of a mouse moving with touch screen?
  7. Thank you for the answers! We would have the tablet on the same network as the machine and direct connect them. We have not used uni-cloud but I would be concerned about latency since this will be the main operator panel and not a remote unit etc. Speaking of direct connect, what is the ideal method for connecting the tablet to the plc? We are thinking of getting a tablet with a separate charge/power port and using the usb or usb-c port to ethernet adapter.
  8. We are not able to get our USL panel for our headless Unistream, we are considering using a tablet to VNC into the PLC but we also used Unitronics VFDs and servo drives, I believe a lot of the functionality and diagnostics of these are accessed from the Uniapps on the Unitronics HMI. Is it possible to access Uniapps when using VNC on a tabet?
  9. This, SD queries do not work reliably with pulse contacts, I believe the help file indicates something about this as well. I go a step further and put the reset based on the returned value of the error status output.
  10. Has anyone used the UID-0808THS and stacked 2 back to back? I need 5 step and direction (direction will always be the same). I don't need it super fast, probably running all 4 channels on each card at 2-3kHz would be plenty. -Swervomotor
  11. 1. Make sure the IO unit has it's own power connections for 24+ and 0v and they are in the correct locations 2. You can try to power off then disconnect and reconnect the IO unit from the bus, then reboot. 3. Update the IO unit firmware through UNI-Apps. I run into this quite a bit, usually it's #3 -Swervo
  12. I use the Unistreams quite a bit and have never used the vision. The Unistream takes 10-15 seconds usually for the screen to pop up but was wondering when the ladder actually started. I have a couple 7" unistream for another project I'm going to test the up time with, this is is a battery powered application that would need to start running ladder within a few seconds of power on. It would be awesome if Unistream had a "sleep" mode that could be "woken" with an input. The Vision sounds like it may be a better fit for this application, I'm just spoiled with all the functionality of the unistream. I'm going to tie in an output directly to the power rail and test in the next couple of weeks. Will update with an answer then, -Swervo
  13. Looks like maybe the "received" tag is a handshake response/acknowledgment from the device you "sent" it to? -Swervo
  14. It's hard to see but it looks like data table "Message Alarm Table" is of the table type: Data Table: Indexed. Pop only works for FIFO or LIFO data tables, change the table type (if you are not using other Indexed operations in your program) -Swervo
  15. Great idea, I will try this with a "heavy" program and try to get a worst case scenario benchmark. The application would be simple at first but probably grow in complexity as they tend to. -Swervo
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