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Pop Up offscreen & inacessible when using multiple monitors

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I've run into this a couple of times before and there seemed like there was a workaround that involved a combination of keystrokes to restore it, cant remember what they were.  

I searched the board, this seems related - its close but not exactly my issue and there dosent seem to be resolution as yet. 


Working in visilogic - I always run 2 screens when I'm at my desk - but on the shop floor in the field its just the notebook PC - when doing somethign that causes a pop up window such as searching for an element  - that pop up window is somewhere off screen - I have no idea where it goes - but until I can find it & click on its response button Visilogic is locked up.  

There was a kestroke combination that forced the pop up back onto the main screen visible but for the life of m eI cannot remember what it was.  

thanks much !!  


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