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Visilogic Popup windows don't stay on correct multiple-screens

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Just a tip to the developers.  I work on multiple screens to develop applications on many different platforms; it would be nice if the pop up windows in Visilogic could stay on the screen the main application is running on.

Currently they go back to the primary display (which happens to be a tiny laptop screen).

For future development/product improvement.



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Kratmel, I don't think that is what Buzz is talking about.  It's the issue where if you have Visilogic running on another monitor, the various pop ups don't open on that monitor, they initially open on the one designated as main.    Once you've dragged them where you want on the monitor in use, they mostly stay there, but sometimes a program close and open puts them back on the main.  However, the "Online Test" one doesn't even do this.....it refuses to even go onto the second monitor no matter what you try.  I should say this is on my PCs...perhaps other PCs exhibit different behaviours.  

I've tried various registry changes to get around this issue without luck.  So I agree with Buzz's comments.  It's a bit along the lines of "why does it always open full screen (only on the main monitor)?"   and "why does an open always open the HMI tree branches, but not the ladder ones".  To me it's annoying quirks, but I can see how in some situations some quirks become a big issue.  The ladder tree branches one really frustrates me as you can see it initially open and then it closes once the start is complete!  I do recall Cara saying some of these quirks would be fixed, and perhaps they have been.  I still only use 9.8.65.

cheers, Aus

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I agree, I may not have fully understood the problem.

It just so happened that I usually have one monitor. Although with two (or three) is probably more convenient.

29 minutes ago, Ausman said:

I still only use 9.8.65.

Also my favorite ... This is a stable version with predictable behavior.

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