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Modbus RTU GPS


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Hello everyone,

I got stucked with one issue during programming PLC. I am not fluen with MODBUS and I cannot resolve communication/data problem. I have GPS tracker MB-GPS-1 by F&F, it works with RTU MODBUS (datasheet attached). When BIT Liczenie is ON it should read values of time, date, Latitude, Longitude etc. Problem is, despite all comunication settings are the same, Tx Rx leds are blinking but data are still 0. I wonder if data type is ok but I cannot change it to INT/UINT8, it has to be at least 16.  Also I can see Status = 3 and I am not sure what does it mean...
Is anyone able to help me please?  I work with factory settings - Slave ID 1 , parity none, baud rate 9600, bit stop 2.



74×105 FF MB-GPS-1 inst E220912 EN.PDF

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