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Advice on creating frequency measurement

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I am using a IO-D16A3-RO16 expansion module for its 2 HSC but it does not come with the option to have the HSC and frequency measurements, so i will have to create my own frequency measurement  so far i have a reseting a timer at 1 sec sampling the counter. is there a way to store the sample  and subtract it from the last sample taken? anyadvice wold be appreciated .

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1. Look at following article:


2. Expansion module you use IO-D16A3-RO16 is relatively "slow", as it ise serial type of communication with PLC.

But if you read sequential values at fixed time interval, let's say, 1 sec, it will work for you.

2. Other way is to use "Frequency Measurement" option:

This can give you estimated frequensy, proportional to flow, at selected time interval.


You can use MI or DW for both, High Speed Counter and for Frequency Measurement.

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