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Logical "AND" with type "MI" set/reset output

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I need to do a logical "AND" to two output types of "MI" type. 

(the outputs are of the Set/Reset type)

Apparently, this is an invalid type for use with logical functions'.

Is there a way to compare these two outputs in an "AND" function?


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My error!   I have type MB ( a "set" coil  = 1 or 0)

I need to convert to MI type so I can use this value  with the logic function blocks type "AND"

I don't see how I make these assignments to the function block.



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On 2/26/2023 at 5:15 AM, AlexUT said:

What exactly would you like to do with Inputs/Outputs? Mask/Unmask?

There are operations Test bit/Set bit/Reset bit.

If this is not fit your needs - you can write simple subroutine for this.


It would be easy to better explain with my code clip and a pic of my HMI, but im out of my file allotment currently.

when does this file upload allotment  reset anyway?

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