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copying program to a sd card

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Search on SD in the help file. All the information you need is there.

You will need a Set SD Password FB in your program before you can download to the SD card. With that in place, you can download to the SD card from either ladder or INFO Mode. You will also need the SD card to be formatted using the Unitronics SD Card Suite.

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There are number of separate entities:

1. Jazz - has no support for SD card.

But has special Memory Module for cloning.

2. M90.Have no SD suport and no Clone option.

3. SAMBA does not supporting SD Card and cannot be cloned.

4. Vision PLCs can be cloned by use of SD card, but SD password should be set in ladder (to protect intellectual rights) and you should know this password (as Flex727 recommended).


All PLCs can store in flash memory Ladder code of projects, but programmer may disable this option.


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