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How the indirect combo box working (tag and path)?


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  •  How the indirect combo box working (tag and path)?
    Choose indirect, set the Drive Type, then in Path (Const) set the path to your file. For example of I have a file name myFile.txt on the root folder of my SD the value will be #"myFile.txt"

    In the used file each string should be in a separate line, The txt file needs to be in UTF-8 encoding. For example:


  • I want to use the combo box to choose a CSV files in SD card, or use their STRING(names) from DTI tables, is it possible?
    Only supported format is as described in my answer above. I hope it help.

I will make sure this info will be added to Help section

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  • NoamM changed the title to How the indirect combo box working (tag and path)?

is it possible to modify it or update it using my IHM?
Not directly. You can add Ladder logic using:

And trigger it from HMI.

And for the Tag selection what should it be?
I don't understand the question. Can you elaborate please? 

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what i am trying to do is the same thing when we are in Uniapps, and we go to Data Tables, we get the Combo box all Data Tabels avalaible  and we choose when with the combo box,

I am trying to do the same thing, with exported CSV files by the Store DTI function, and load them with combo box to a DTI.

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