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getting all the I/Os from ex-rc1

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Dear all, 


I'm new to visilogic, I have V700 with exrc1 and 2 IO-DI8-RO8, AND ONE IO-AI4-AO2, I can get the inputs/outputs from the first DI8 but not the second one, just like the example in help section.

and i have to do the analogue ones separately. can someone help me with getting the other 8 outputs to work and have a different way f doing it.


many thanks


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Hi Mohammed,

Perhaps you initially made your post in the Unistream forum, I see you commented there before. Flex simply moved your post to the Vision forum where it belongs, as you are using Vision hardware.

Have you defined all of your modules in the hardware setup? 

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When using the EX-RC1, you have to understand how the Data is transfered and the use of the Structs ( at BOTH Ends )

Modify  the   EX-RC1.vlp   example to  limit to the   devices used.

     Order of the IO Modules should be    IO-DI8-RO8,  IO-DI8-RO8,  IO-AI4-AO2

Review the EX-RC1  Analog Example and add the structs  for the Analog   AFTER the Digital Structs.

It will take a bit of experimentation to get it right.


Digital I/O is compressed into an Integer and sent and received,  Analog is sent as  Integers

without any compression.

The structs have to be the same at each end  .







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