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Modbus V2.0


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Upon compile I get a warning:

Modbus v1.0 (Legacy) is used in the application. It is recommended to switch to Modbus v2.0

How do I make the switch?  I began the project in an older version and created 4 Modbus slaves and later installed the latest Unilogic version.  

Would I just need to delete the existing slaves and create new ones?  


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  • zed changed the title to Modbus V2.0
  • MVP 2023

Yes, that's what I would try.  I don't like to see warnings, either.

In version 1.33 a pretty significant change was made to the Modbus driver.

From the release notes:



I didn't know until your post that they called it "Modbus 2.0".   I also don't know why your definitions weren't automatically updated, unless it has something to do with backward compatibility.


Joe T.


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Yep. When switching it to V2 in uniapps it will just detect the the version is not the same as the project on the next download.  You can select to overwrite it or not but the path you show above Joe is how to set the project to V2 thus it will stay that way.   I found it and went to post it here but you beat me to it.  :) 

On a related manner with the same behavior, you can find screen saver settings for the project in the solution explorer,  Hardware config/ Controller Model.  You can also set these in uniapps but then it won't match the project  on the next download.  

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