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  1. Would be very handy to have a eye dropper color sampler tool like in MS paint where you can set the color of an object by clicking on any other visible object on the screen. Useful for matching colors of logo's etc. Currently you have to copy paste or type in the hex code for a color. There is a way to copy (paint) format from one element to others by right clicking but that paints all formatting attributes, not just color. Cheers
  2. Perhaps a little simple but how about a rate indicator like pcs/min or an hour meter like machine run hours.
  3. Good answers, Thanks Guys! I've alreadycreated an SQL DB, set up SQL permissions etc, I was just struggling with how the user would interface with that DB. FTP seems like a viable alternate route. I'll explore that. Modbus for interaction. Got it. I think the only outstanding question is group assignment. Is there a way, from one screen or webserver screen, that a user could see 10 active machines and group them something like 5 machines to "Assembly Line 1", 4 to "Assembly line 2" and 1 unassigned? The idea here is that once assigned to a group they could all act
  4. Hello, I have an application in mind where there are multiple portable machines on an assembly line that each perform the same basic function (lets say they are volumetric dosing machines). Each has its own PLC. There are about 100 different products and each unit has 3-5 different doses of said product as the unit moves through the assembly process. Of course each machine could have its own recipe table but then keeping all the individual machines in sync becomes very challenging. I want to have a central remote database/table (preferably a user friendly excel file). From each machi
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