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Old Vision 230 and new Cinterion TC65 init problem

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I have had several problems with one old V230 and found solutions for them one way or another.

This time it seams that the problem is bigger.

Namely, I am not able to initialize the com port with new cinterion tc65. Formerly the v230 was working with siemens tc35 to send and receive the SMS but it broke down and I had to replace it. Local dealer sayd that the tc35 is out of production and suggested the tc65.

I found out that the problem may be in preparation of modem but I solved this problem by using the newer VisiLogic.

Now as I am using an old v230 the highest VisiLogic I can use is 4.7.4 and there is the problem:

The modem INIT can only take part of modem settings:







That's it and no more. But the settings must be 3 lines longer!

Has anybody Idea how to solve this problem.

I don't need to use GPRS on this application so is there any possible ways to shotren the settings in tc65 side and in plc side?

Or may there be some other problems?


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Hi Simon,

You where rightt, I was referring to the COM_INIT block!

Thank You for Your idea but unfortunately Your string doesn't work.

I have tried everything I can think of and double checked also everything.

Somebody said here in forum that he would like to test the aerodynamics of his apparatus and I am about at the same stage.

OK that was a joke but has anybody had similar problem and was there any solution?


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After several hours of tiring I am beginning to think that there should be something wrong with the cable from modem to PLC. Can anyone confirm what kind of pins on modems side should be short? Does the 4 wire cable work?

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Finally managed to get this thing work! The solution was that I got an old working TC35i. Thisone also didn't work at first place, but the helping tool was hyperterminal. So I understood what kind of errors where goming out, elliminated them and got this thing work.

I should say that the unitronics PLC is really really durable in this application. Everything else breaks down but this old V230 lasts. I wonder if forever...?

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  • MVP 2023

Using a terminal program is the best way to troubleshoot any problem with serial communications. This is the one I like best:

Bray's Terminal

This program allows you to view the strings in ASCII or hex, which can be very helpful in discovering checksum or terminator characters. Many moons ago I was troubleshooting a problem with US Robotics Sportster modems and discovered that they added error check characters to the end of the string which will totally choke Unitronics communications. Hyperterminal doesn't give you this kind of information.

Glad you were able to troubleshoot your problem. Steel is forged through fire.

Joe T.

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