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Who else uses Inkscape?


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Here's an Inkscape SVG file with various icons and graphics for general use.

There are belts, feeders, elevators, and other stuff. All in beautiful shades of gray or light blue for the High Performance HMI fans. I love to combine a PNG background with on-screen elements, because it's not so easy to make a complex screen with overlapping elements in Vision.




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Moved to Visilogic HMI...

As the author of this post rightly noted, it is difficult to develop a beautiful and convenient interface for Vision PLC. The idea of using a main background image to build an interface is not new. It is already described in posts on the forum.

I have no experience using this particular software to create background art or graphics. I think that there are many such products and everyone can choose the right one.

However, I want to remind users that one of the ways to create a complex interface is to draw the desired set of static images in Visilogic itself, export the resulting drawing to a bmp picture. The resulting image can be edited in any editor and then used as a background to continue creating the necessary active parts of the interface.

As an option for large V1040 and V1210 panels, it is worth trying to build a model of the interface background in the UniLogic environment for 10' Unistream panel. It has wider graphics capabilities and image layers that can be disabled. An image exported from UniLogic can be used as a background in VisiLogic.


P.S. The main thing in creating an interface is to pre-plan on paper what and where will be placed and how each window should look and interact.

A beautiful interface is not always convenient, and convenient is usually not distinguished by beauty.

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