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Incremental encoder with UniLogic


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I've recently purchased a US5-B10-TA30  PLC+HMI.  I'm just getting started with UniLogic - created some ladder and played with the PLC a bit (yes very new).  What I now need to do is integrate an incremental encoder (IFM RVP510).  I understand that I can use the I10/I11 high speed inputs configured as quadrature inputs to track the A/B transitions.  However, when I configure the HS0 inputs, the tags that I see defined are for HS0.Counting_Direction and HS0.Counter_Reset.  Does that mean I just need to define the regular I10/I11 inputs as the A/B signals from the encoder?

Is there a predefined Counter in UniLogic that can be used for the signal counting/tracking?  Or do you have to define/build your own?

If there are any examples around that someone could point me towards that would be greatly appreciated.


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This is not obvious.  I had to call support to ask where the HSC config switch was.

First off, HSO is high speed output.  That's not what you're looking for.

The properties of the on-board IO are cleverly hidden in the Uni-IO & Uni-COM item of the hardware tree.



Gives the Properties window



Now you can define the HS Inputs.  If you choose Quadrature the additional IO tags are added



HSC-0 Counter Value being one of them.


Joe T.


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Sorry, I think a typo in my post may have mislead you.  I was using HS0(zero), not HSO(output).  I forgot the 'C' which made it confusing.  It should have been HSC-0 and not HS0 like I typed.

I did manage to find and configure everything you outline above.  Where I got confused is when I tried to add an IO to a Direct Contact, I was only seeing the HSC-0 reset and counter direction IO.  This makes sense now since they are the only BITS added so the only parameters that can be assign to a contact.  And when I went to the IO list, I wasn't seeing the HSC-0 Counter Value and Status parameters until I sorted the IO by Name.  I'm not sure why those two parameters were separated.  It must have been sorted by type or something. 

So thanks for that!

Are there any tutorials or documents on using the HSC parameters in ladder?  Specifically for integrating an encoder?  I sort of know in theory how this should be done, but not in practice.

Thanks again.

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After defining PLC model, click on "Uni-I/O & Uni-COM" in "Solution Explorer":


In "Properties Window->HS Input 0" click on 3 dots at right side:


Configuration window pop-ups:


Click on "Interface" and select "Quadrature (A/B)":


Choise required parameters, load project to PLC, connect encoder and test.

In "On board I/O" you can find required tags:



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