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V130 GPRS Modem Problem

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Hi all,

PLC: V130-33-TR6
Software: VisiLogic Version 9.8.96
Modem: GT-7600E 4G LTE Industrial Modem

I am trying to send an email via a GPRS modem. The PLC communicates with the modem via COM port 1. The PLC can successfully initialize the modem by sending AT commands. I have been able to send and receive SMS, but I encounter problems when attempting to send emails.

I couldn't find the specific modem type in the selection, so I chose 'Other' for preparing the PLC-side modem and for COM initialization. The issue I am facing is that the PLC's GPRS network registration is always in progress and is not able to connect successfully during the configuration, as indicated by the Configuration FB status message. I have ensured that all the parameters are set correctly, including the ANP server.

Please let me know if I need to add other AT commands to register for the GPRS network, or if the modem may not be suitable for this application.

Thank you.

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It is possible that you are doing everything correctly, but the type  of comms you're trying is the issue.  Most email servers only want to do secure comms these days, which is not inherent in Vision.   

One quickly found link about the issue, amongst others.



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