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Unistream Modbus TCP

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Good day,

 I have an application where Unistream PLC is a Modbus TCP slave (default port 502). Until now there was one master that was reading all required information from Unistream. Now customer wants one more master to read from this PLC. How could I do it correctly? when I try to add Modbus TCP slave2 with different port, I get error message that  both slaves are set to the same communication protocol. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

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Hi, Orso, 

Thank you for your answer. Interesting, because now it doesn't seem like that - new system (master) gets timeouts while trying to connect to Unistream (slave) then at some point connects, reads information and it happens all the time. Seems like it cannot connect while other master is connected.. 

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Yes, ping goes well. Tried with another Unistream controller at my office, everything's fine: reading information from controller with two different PC's at the same time. Don't know what could be the issue at the customers plant?  Will try to look closer . Thank you!

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