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From what I've noticed,  you can't toggle between 2 different Comm Configurations without a warm reboot of the PLC (See attempt in screenshot below).

I attempted to trigger SB24 to reboot the PLC, which worked, but it also seems to blow away the entire data table.

Is there any other work-around to switch comm configurations from ladder?  Or, is there another SB that will simply power cycle or restart the PLC?


Thanks In Advance! 


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What I meant is that it clears the data table or resets everything to 0 from what I can see.

Thank you, I will try SB 300.

EDIT: Data table is a generic term I've used loosely in other PLC manufacturers (AB/Siemens/Mits).  I should've clarified that it refers to I/O, Memory Registers, Operands etc.

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