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  1. Thanks for that how do I set another linearization function up to read gallons from my 4-20ma in put new to all this thanks gary
  2. hi what is the best way to use a math's functions. I need to convert an output put off my linearize function to a percent so i can show the tank contents in litres at the moment its 13 but need to convert this to a percentage my tank level is 21000 x 13% will give my tank contents so i need to convert that 13 also what am i going wrong with the timer below it wont energize thanks, Gary
  3. Looking for best way to set up a tank level monitor on hmi and ladder in unilogic using 4-20ma any examples out there new to all this Gary
  4. Hi Dave, thanks for that but I don’t seem to be able to get either to work I will be doing something wrong gary
  5. Hi, having problems with my program Cant seem to get the data tables to transfer all the data table to Excel also is there anyway to time how long a bit is on for for then reset the the time when the bit is off and save this in my data table also cant figure out how to set a timer to run for so long then then reset back to 0 when finished would take its trigger from the proxy sensor T2 please feel free to alter the program for the better if i have done something wrong new to this software and struggling a bit Gary Data Sampling.ulpr
  6. UN-USC-B5-B1 unilogics Want to record certain data from the ladder into my data tables temp time run load number user log in name log in log out times To be stored on SD card got date and time to work etc
  7. hi have created 2 data tables but really struggling to write to them have watched the videos but still struggling help !!!!!!!!
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