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  1. Hello, At download new software to the PLC there is a reset needed when the physical Ethernet IP is different with whats in the PLC. After the message that the PLC is reset due to the different IP in the software and the PLC you get the question if you want to change the IP. When you do the option that you don't want to change the IP, still a reset is given. Why is that needed. This is what we often have and what we don't want that just for a simple sofware change that the controller has to be stopped first before the update. Is there a way to change this. IP adress change in the software is not wanted, because then we need for every PLC update change the IP adresses in the software with the cause that you make a mistake at one day. Then the problem is bigger, because you lost the connection with the controller. I hope somebody can help me with this issue. Regard, Leen
  2. Hi Denis, I have the same problem. I already did a post last week about this, but no reply on it until now. I am using the same programm version 1.28.34. At the alarm summary the list is well right sorted at date/time. By using the alarm history it seems to be that it is sorted only at time and no date is used. So it seems to be that it is a bug in the software. I check at the newest version the upgrade items on the list, but did not find that this isue is solved. So hopefully Unitronics read this at will fix this bug. Regards, Leen
  3. Hello, In our programm we are using the alarm history. Now you have the possibility to sort the history list on several items. But what I want is that the latest alarm is up in the list. You can sort the list on time, but not on Date / Time. Is there a possibility to get this? Regards Leen
  4. When I will do it by toggle the reverse action bit. How smooth is that going.
  5. About the PID output scaling 0 - 200%. It's not clear how this is working in my application. I.e. when my PV value is 100 and I need it to setpoint 50, my CV value has to be i.e. -50%. When my PV value is 50 and I need it to setpoint 100, my CV value has to be i.e. +50%. When my PV value = setpoint then my CV value = 0%.
  6. Hi, In a control loop I am using a proportional valve with an input -10V to +10V. With that input the process can be move left and right. When it has to be go to the right the input has to be positive, depend on the distance between 0 and +10V. When it has to be go to the left, the input has to be negative between 0 and -10VDC. Therefor I am using a output -10VDC to +10VDC. Now I will use a PID loop for it. Only what I find is a positive or negative PID control, so it can just 1 side on. You can switch this between cool and heat. But I wil not use that switch cool/heat, but just depend on the process value send the control value to negative or positive. Can somebody help me to explain how to handle with this. Thanks al for any help
  7. Hi, I read in an input. Every second the value of the input ( 0 or 1) stored in an array. After 1 minute I have 60 values into the array list. Then I want to calculate the average value of all values to know how many times the input is high into 1 minute. But there is no function to get direct the result, only i.e. to get the minimum or maximum value. To calculate on a way by 1 to 1 it's very long-winded. Is there a function what I can use or a simply way to fixe this. Best regards Leen
  8. Hello, I want to get a table where I put in parameter settings. On the first colum I put in the name of parameter. On the second the value of the parameter is read. Now I will not have the possibility that the name of the parameters are changed. So colum 1 read only. At colum 2 I will have the possibility to change the settings. But on the table only both colums are ready only or editable. Can somebody help me how to read out a parameterlist on the way I wanted? Thanks Leen
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