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  1. Hello, In the toolbox for the HMI Themes I can select at Graphs/Meters a circular gauge. But these are not 360Degr round, but only around 300Degr. What I want is a digital compas on my HMI screen i.e. Is there a possibility to make that?
  2. I just found the problem. In the HMI you have VNC settings where you can select the touche function. Now it's working
  3. I have test it by using the General.touched bit. But when we touching the HMI this bit is not getting high. While we using a PLC with a HMI connected by VNC I also tried to use General.VNC Touched Bit. This remotely and local, but that bit also not getting high: What can be the problem that the General.Touched bit is not getting high when touching the HMI?
  4. Hi, Is there an funtcion that the HMI goes back to his main screen after a setted time? Normally it goes to the main HMI after powerup, but it would be nice if does also after i.e. 10 minutes no use of the HMI Otherwise I can make it in the software to set a bit to activated the main screen. But I was wondering if there is already an option that I can activate Regards Leen
  5. Thanks, now it is working. The problem was that we didn't set the DNS server. That was also needed to get acces to the internet. Now the automatically syncs is working Leen
  6. Ok, thanks. Just simple solution Regards leen
  7. Hi, We are using password for doing service i.e. remotely. Therefor we using the function 'Password Box' as a function on the HMI. When go remotely with VNC to the HMI. Then we can go into service by give the service code by clicking on the service button and give in the code. Only we have to give in the code by the numeric keybord at the HMI. Then everyone who is there locally can see what code is given in. Is it possible that we can give in the code evenso with te keyboard remotely. This is also easier to give in than by VNC using the mouse and clicking in the code. Kind regards Leen
  8. Hi, Is it possible to sync the RTC time and date with a server, i.e.. on the internet. This to keep the PLC time correct. Now I can see only the possibility to sync it with the PC time by using Unilogic. But I want do this i.e. daily by using a sync with the internet time. Can somebody give me support if it is possible or not. Regards Leen
  9. Hi, We using the same software at several machines. When we have an update we download this remotely. Then the IP which default in the software will be downloaded into the machine. While this is not needed, because the machines all have different IP addresses, when can de-select the overwrite. But still the PLC is reset even when the IP is not changed. This means in my situation at every upgrade the PLC is reset what gives my some stress while every machine has to be stopped before the update. Why is it not possible to upgrade the software i.e. by using the “only Logic download” where the PLC communication settings are not changed, or you can de-select these before is checking if a reset is required. I hope I do something wrong and someone can help me to download the software on a good way, or otherwise please change this because at other PLC software, i.e. Codesys this is not a case. Thanks Leen
  10. Yes, I uncheck the "write Panel IP and "write CUP IP". Furter I tried to use "write Panel and CPU IP", this checked and unchecked, but both not working. The IP is reading and saved in a file, but stil the IP is setted what's in the software.
  11. Hi Leon, Did you already find a solution for your problem. I have the same problem that the IP normally is overwritten after an update. With Unilogic it's asked if you want to change the IP address, but we want to update it using a USB-stick into the USB-port. But it's a problem that we have to set back the IP address after a software update
  12. Hi, We will update the software by using an USB-stick into the USB port. This is working easily and good. The only issue is that by doing this, the IP address is changed into the IP what is set into the software. I have tried several options by making the USB file, normally I only use “Update PLC Application”. Even so did try several options at communications checks, but al have the same result. Software is updating and after that the IP is going to the default IP what’s in the software. Is there an option that only the software is updated and not the IP. When we change the software i.e. at 10 machines we get all same IP addresses. Strange that at software update the IP is changed, is there a way to do this on the right way, only update the software without the IP. Regards, Leen
  13. Hello, At download new software to the PLC there is a reset needed when the physical Ethernet IP is different with whats in the PLC. After the message that the PLC is reset due to the different IP in the software and the PLC you get the question if you want to change the IP. When you do the option that you don't want to change the IP, still a reset is given. Why is that needed. This is what we often have and what we don't want that just for a simple sofware change that the controller has to be stopped first before the update. Is there a way to change this. IP adress change in the software is not wanted, because then we need for every PLC update change the IP adresses in the software with the cause that you make a mistake at one day. Then the problem is bigger, because you lost the connection with the controller. I hope somebody can help me with this issue. Regard, Leen
  14. Hi Denis, I have the same problem. I already did a post last week about this, but no reply on it until now. I am using the same programm version 1.28.34. At the alarm summary the list is well right sorted at date/time. By using the alarm history it seems to be that it is sorted only at time and no date is used. So it seems to be that it is a bug in the software. I check at the newest version the upgrade items on the list, but did not find that this isue is solved. So hopefully Unitronics read this at will fix this bug. Regards, Leen
  15. Hello, In our programm we are using the alarm history. Now you have the possibility to sort the history list on several items. But what I want is that the latest alarm is up in the list. You can sort the list on time, but not on Date / Time. Is there a possibility to get this? Regards Leen
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