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  1. Thank you very much, Saragni. The issue has been resolved, and my program now compiles without any error messages. Many thanks for the excellent support!
  2. Unfortunately it raises a new error message, but I am not sure why. I am referencing both the new communication driver and the latest unitronics.remoteoperator.dll in my project. The warning regaring AnyCPU and x86 mismatch are gone, so the new dlls are all anyCPU now. Thanks for that. But I do get the same old BC30652 error message, now regarding the new remoteoperator.dll: Error BC30652: Reference required to assembly 'Unitronics.ComDriver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' containing the type 'PLC'. Add one to your project. However, the unitronics.ComDriver is included as reference and when I check it's properties within Visual Studio, then it does itentify as version
  3. Thank you so much, Saragani. Works like charm. I feel a bit uncomfortable asking and I hope I'm not doing too much work... But if you could also compile the RemoteOperator.dll as anyCPU, then my collection would be complete. 😉
  4. Hi Saragani, first of all many thanks for your support. Unfortunately, I get some errors during compilation now: Error BC30652: Reference required to assembly 'Unitronics.ComDriver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=878e3ff5e143a403' containing the type 'PLC'. I think I know the reason: Im am also using the unitronics.datatables.dll. Before I updated the ComDriver I could use the PLC existing connection by using a line like 'Dim Datenbanken = New Unitronics.DataTables.DataTables(SPS, DataTablesReadOptions.StructureAndValues)' where the variable "SPS" was initiated with ComDriver priviously. This way I could always go back and forth between reading memory values and datatable-entries without have to close the connection and reconnect every time. Is there some workaround so I can still use my old code or do I really have to disconnect and reconnect every time I switch from reading/writing memory values to access database-retries?
  5. On this forum's frontpage there is a text with a link to a pdf-file called "Cybersecurity Measures for Vision and Samba Controllers ". For detailed instructions on upgrading and implementing the recommended security measures, please Click Here or contact directly to our technical support team. Within that PDF-file there is another link heading to an updated documentation for the .net-driver: unitronics_communication_driver_for_dot_net.pdf (unitronicsplc.com) I tried to implement the caching of password like described in chap. 6. But that command isn't included in my current .net-drivers. I then downloaded the .net-drivers from the unitronics homepage at https://www.unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic-for-programmable-controllers/ -> programming tools for developers -> .NET-driver. But I can only get the "old" .net-driver from 2015 from that webpage. Where can I obtain the current .net-drivers the new documentation is relating to?
  6. Thanks Saragani, that really did the job. The reply message is was looking for is either "R" (for running), "S" (for stopped) or "?" (for boot mode). I never noticed any other return value. Why do I need this? I have put in place some security features, e.g. blocking USB-access while programm is active and user hasn't presented a valid access code to the PLC. A backdoor is accessing the PLC while in boot mode (putting a finger on Screen during startup), because during boot mode the usb-port isn't block. So I use the return code to identify if the ladder code is running ("R"), if it is stoped ("S") and I just need to run the PLC or if the user is accessing the PLC via boot mode ("?"). If the return value is "?" of it is "S" and stays "S" even after sending a plc.run-comand then I know someone is using my programm via boot mode and hasn't done the "offical" login with a password.
  7. Thanks Saragani, that was a step forward allthough the handling is quite different to the pld PLC.Write_DB -function. However, for me there is one issue left: At some point I need to find out if the PLC is running or if it has been stopped. I have found the comands plc.run and plc.stop to invoke the behavior but I haven't found an equivalent to the PLC.PLC_GetStatus(x)-command the ActiveX.dll was offering. Any ideas on this?
  8. Quite some time ago I wrote a programm to access a Samba PLC using the ActiveX dll. I want to migrate to the .net-driver which seems to work fine - but there's one issue. I cannot find an equivalent form the .write_db within in the .NET-driver. The command I need to substitute is a single line in the code: "PLC.Write_DB(26637, 1, 2, 1, DBValues)"... Any help is highly appreciated.
  9. Mmh,I already tried that. The most recent version I can find on Unitronics' website is VisiLogic 9.9.0 Build 0, which offers OS 4.12 (38) only. And I also already tried the search for online updates as you mentioned. But as of today Live Update fails. It says there are no updates available. Maybe you can support us by posting the .uos-file here?
  10. Same here when opening a project file (almost every time and on multiple PCs).
  11. We have approx. 90 service technicans who belong to completly different and independend companies, which shell do updated to PLC used in our product . So far, my best solution was to write a programm which identities the com-port the plc is plugged-in (we use Samba plcs and you can identify the port via the usb-driver unitronic uses). Thus I can raises a pop-up-window to give some instruction how to set up unidownloader - but nothing more. Quite frustrating, that I can identify the correct port but I cannot handle over the data to the unidownloader software.
  12. I had a similar issue on the Samba PLC. For me, the solution was to raise SB 31 (Refresh current LCD screen display variables) whenever the image has changed. Maybe that will work on the V570 as well.
  13. I contacted Unitronics support with the same question and they replyed there is no such option and there's no plan to include it in future releases.
  14. All M-operands (MB, MI, ML, DW) are retained. X-Operands (XB, XI, XL, XDW) are kept in memory. Therefor they are processed faster, but they are not backed-up by battery.
  15. Why not simply use a second linearization function? Besides that, be aware that you are demonstrating a precision which is not existing, when you display the inHG-Value with two decimal digits. Your PLC can only read 819 value points (highest value 1023 - lowest value 204), which means every increase of MI0 by 1, will increase MI 1 by 3,663 (3000 inHG / 819).
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