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  1. We have approx. 90 service technicans who belong to completly different and independend companies, which shell do updated to PLC used in our product . So far, my best solution was to write a programm which identities the com-port the plc is plugged-in (we use Samba plcs and you can identify the port via the usb-driver unitronic uses). Thus I can raises a pop-up-window to give some instruction how to set up unidownloader - but nothing more. Quite frustrating, that I can identify the correct port but I cannot handle over the data to the unidownloader software.
  2. I had a similar issue on the Samba PLC. For me, the solution was to raise SB 31 (Refresh current LCD screen display variables) whenever the image has changed. Maybe that will work on the V570 as well.
  3. I contacted Unitronics support with the same question and they replyed there is no such option and there's no plan to include it in future releases.
  4. All M-operands (MB, MI, ML, DW) are retained. X-Operands (XB, XI, XL, XDW) are kept in memory. Therefor they are processed faster, but they are not backed-up by battery.
  5. Why not simply use a second linearization function? Besides that, be aware that you are demonstrating a precision which is not existing, when you display the inHG-Value with two decimal digits. Your PLC can only read 819 value points (highest value 1023 - lowest value 204), which means every increase of MI0 by 1, will increase MI 1 by 3,663 (3000 inHG / 819).
  6. Almost the same here. The only difference is that I am using an accumulated timer for more precision:
  7. I use a subroutine that also works when PLC was powered down during Daylight saving time, allthough it is not perfect. When PLC was powered down during change of daylight saving time then the correction may be delayed up one week (but at least correction will be done at all). You will find the subroutine attached, but please keep in mind that I am living in Europe so different rules for start and end of daylight saving times may occur on your site, Feel free to adopt the data in line 1 and line 2 to your demands. DST.vlx
  8. Same here. I describe the changes in my comment block. I guess that's all you can do. I also export the HMI before doing changes in the past. If necessary I re-imported the HMI for revision, so I had both HMI-versions available. But I switched to a double installation of VisiLogic, to be able to have two projects on my screen at the same time. For me this was more comfortable in the end. Allthough I still miss the copy&paste-function here, Still, I hope on fine day will come where Unictronics either makes VisiDiff working for enhanced controllers or they willl enable copy&paste functionallity for parallel VisiLogic programms...
  9. I have the same thought and I am really missing VisiDiff here. Currently my workaround is: - I keep every version in separate file. - I add a "routine" for every version in each file, called "version changes V x.xx". This routine exists only of comment blocks where I describe what has been done. - Mark new lines in a ladder code with a green background - I disable lines instead of deleting them and mark them with a red background - If changes are to be made within a line/block, I duplicate the original line and disable its. The changes are made to the duplicated line which will be marked with an orange background. - Add comments to those changes why I made those changes. This way I can track down changes from one version to another within the ladder code. To find overall changes, I read the comments block which describes all changes
  10. Same here. I have a project that ran fine under the previsous version of Visilogic. But using 9.8.64 it cannot compiled anymore even though I did not make a single change on the file.
  11. I don't know if it will fix your specific problem but I had no more problems since I gave access to the VisiLogic installation-path for all users. That's what I did : 1. Create a directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics" 2. Start explorer, right click on that directory and go to the tab "security", select "users (....)" in the upper half and change permissions for "users" to "full control" in the lower part. 3. Now install VisiLogic in that directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics" This gives read/write-access to that specific directory to all users. Since then, I didn't face any problems - even though I didn't change the UAC settings (what was recommended by Unitronics for Windows 10). HTH, Lars
  12. Once I ran into the same problem with a JZ20-J-R31. I could solve the issue when I noticed that the PLC had changed the communication settings back to defaults (9600 baud, Parity Even, StopBits 1, DataBits 7). Go to your windows settings for the com-port and check the settings (in most cases: Baud 9600, Parity: None, Stop Bits: 1, Data Bits: 8, Flow control). Then go to the U90 Ladder programm -> Controller -> M90 OLPC Settings, press the "Adcanced" button in the "Settings" section, adjust the settings to your windows settings and press "Set PLC Settings". For me this solved the issue.
  13. I had the same thought. But I didn't want to invest too much time to develop a strong encryption routine... And as the customer can download the whole list of password and knows at least one correct password (his own), it might be an easy task to hack the least if it isn't a strong encryption. But if I remember correctly then there is no way to access the string library, is it? So I think about storing the passwords in the string libray, e.g. place it from string 200 - 220. The I could use a MI as pointer to the password string, read the string to MIs and compare it with the data provided by the user. If password in string 210 matches then I would read the access rights from row 10 (210-200) of the database. Does anyone know for sure whether the string library is really protected against external access or not? Of course this would be essential for my approach.
  14. Yes, I think this might happen. I have designed a system which will be sold to different companies who compete on the same market. Therefore I want to ensure that company A cannot get access to passwords of company B and vice versa. > When using DataXport, you can define which data tables can be retreived. in this case you can define only the data tables which does not include the information you wish to secure. > Please note that you can block access to the PLC using SB314. whenever it is on no one will be able to access the PLC using both serial and Ethernet connection. Not sure about that. I have designed the database as part of project. Nevertheless I can easily access the databases and read both structure and all values using DataXport. I didn't find any kind of protection. So, I believe anyone could simply download DataXport from the unitronics website, install it and get access to this database - or am I wrong?
  15. I have made an application with different user levels, which means a specific user can only access certain functions within the application. Currently I have stored the user information (login-name, password, access rights) within a project-database, where the data are stored within the visilogic-project file and are read-only for the PLC. Unfortunately, it is possible to extract these data using Unitronics DataXport which would give everybody the ability to read all user datas and passwords at anytime. Can anyone support me with either a way to protect the database itself, the data within the database (e.g. using some encryption) or point me to a different way how to handle these data? Any help is highly appreciated.
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