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  1. Hi Michael... You can do this what country are you in , if its Australia or APAC I can be specific. The new router will not let you do this on a 570, or at least not easily as yet. It does not have a serial interface and I have not been able to see the API call details for the SMS interface. If we knew this you can probably write a TCP call to handle the IP layer based SMS. John I'm happy to chat via email directly,
  2. Hi All... My apologies to support and R&D for not updating. I logged a case regarding not being able to receive SMS and had R&D in my environment within 2 hours... for 2 hours... as above. The fix was published within 24 hours. I am VERY impressed and the new Router continues to do everything we want. It took a short while to figure how to open the firewall for SNMP from the WAN side, (I am using a closed Frame Routed network) and a comprehensive Modem/Router help would be great to have.
  3. Hi... A few ongoing observations. We have now had a PLC send SMS, VERY easy to do. We cannot receive SMS as we now discover that the AU carrier Telstra stores first message in location 1 and the PLC reads from location zero. Unitronics Support have been great and R&D are working on a fix. More to come. jh
  4. Hi Aus... Got my hands on a UCR-ST-B5-SA Router yesterday, kind of a misnomer as its really a modem but presented as a router with 4G Fail-over, so...Modem/Router, lets not be pedantic!!. Anyway, the firewall and routing function is good and comprehensive, I was able to get it onto my closed APN with CHAP and NAT disabled no problem and it was intuitive to open the Firewall to WAN side for remote config and admin. Just programmed a PLC to send SMS, really simple worked straight away. Still not seeing a received SMS but will keep trying or ask support. Small and neat packag
  5. Hi, Thanks. I have already asked for a Price. W e operate a closed APN with the AU carrier Telstra so we can directly monitor many sites with SNMP and provide secure remote access for operators. I really need to know I can get the routers to join the APN, I think that there will be no problems so I am excited to get one in my hands! Cheers John
  6. Hi... Thanks, Thats exciting, I just need to see if Colterlec supplies them in Australia, could solve a HEAP of problems I have. Much appreciated. John
  7. Thanks Alex, I imagine these are the Cinteron line? I will look.
  8. The SMS AT command set in a Modem is NOT generally available via TCP, however if you are referring to an API call to a Generic off site SMS server then that's going to be provider specific coding but.... Thanks for the thinking, I will be investigating this concept. Cheers John
  9. Hi NoamM..... Thanks for the response. After further looking at what we are trying to achieve, although entering the Alarm description into the Struct and also into a table for messages is double handling, the additional table gives us the opportunity of truncating the text to something simple in the email/SMS. That being said, I still consider it would still be a concept worth considering
  10. Hi... I have recently been down the path of unsupported modems with Unitronics support and while fully understanding their position on supported only, its a frustrating exchange to get simple information. If you want to keep it simple, use the supported modem. We use, (Based In Australia), Cybertec modems, http://cybertec.com.au/support.php , and have done with Unitronics for many years, they are super reliable. We use them with a closed APN on Carrier Telstra to provide easy remote access however Telstra will also provide a public IP on a Corporate/business account, it will change e
  11. Is there a means of accessing the Alarm Descriptions in the Alarm Manager? I would like to access them to dynamically insert the text into an SMS and Email Message. I cannot find any relevant pointers in the Alarms Struct
  12. Hi.... I have recently loaded Visilogic 9.8.09 on a current model Acer Notebook running Windows 10. It was loaded as administrator however I had to run Visilogic as WIN7 compatibility to get it to run. The Notebook became totally unstable and locked up every time it went to sleep or was even restarted. I had to uninstall Visilogic to get it back to an operational state. I have not tried an install again. Has anyone else had any experience with Windows 10. Thanks john
  13. Hi All.. I stumbled across this conversation by accident. I started my programming life with Machine Code and Assembly Language in the Mid 70's on Mini Computers and early Microprocessors. We were all teaching each other back then. The two pieces of "advice" that were regularly bandied about were The last part is the coding, plan it , write it down, Flow Chart it, then don't top down code, implement your plan. Write your code like its meant to be understood by someone in 20 years time, 'cause you just might be the someone. I don't code a lot these days, mostly play with Networks a
  14. Hi Saragani... Thanks for the update, I appreciate the feedback. It would be GREAT if you did do some work for increasing the efficiency of the screen update, this application works VERY well for us, we have 5 companies over 19 sites monitoring and controlling Waste Water plants remotely on a daily basis. John
  15. Thank you... That makes sense. By CRC, I assume you mean Circular Redundancy Check, so any file changes or even program changes would potentially affect the CRC generated? This also implies that a URC file is particular to a PLC and a site and that any URC created for a PLC cannot be simply copied, the file must be created from the PLC directly? ( I do not copy URC files, just checking). Also, where are the CRC's stored so that I can make certain that I am not "polluting" any previous image with any potential data store moves, adds and changes? If I update the application does th
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