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  1. Hello, I use the Unitronics V350-35-T38, where port 1 is RS232 and port 2 is the ethernet card. When I had setup GSM modem on the port 1 and I had tried to download the program to the PLC I had got a message that I had to change the firmware (OS) in the PLC to the version which support ProfiBus and dial function. So I did that, but then the ethernet card was unavaible. I need both - GSM modem and ethernet card. I tried this in the latest version of Visilogic. Then I tried 9.6 version of Visilogic because in the past we used both and we used this version. I do not know why now it is not possibl
  2. Thank you, but it is possible to use directly DT, but in last version of Unistream you can choose type of input DT then in C code is automatically generated this structure: typedef struct { unsigned int BufferPointer; // BufferPointer unsigned int EntrySize; // EntrySize unsigned int Number_of_rows; // Number of rows unsigned int Signature; // Signature char Status; // Status char PadUInt[3]; // PadUInt } Data_Table_Indexed; // Data Table: Indexed but I do not know what to do with these members of the structure( I know C programming very well and I can work with structure
  3. Hello, I'm trying to read values from a data table within a C function. I cannot find any examples. Could you show some examples?
  4. I need to write to INT16 array in C function. Is it possible to do it? I have noticed the header of a C function contains only inputs. I tried to directly write to an array(which was the input of a function) but it did not work.
  5. I have a datable which contains 400 rows. I need to display 20 rows. Now I am doing it manually but I think it is not a good way. I tried to do it with C function and UDFB but they do not support more than 10 outputs. Has the Unilogic a function to do reading from a data table in the loop and is it possible to read data table within C function? How to do it the easist way? Thank you in advance.
  6. How can I change the same parameter when I have marked more than 1 element? For example I would like to change decimal point location at 3 numeric boxs on the same location. Is it possible or I have to do it one by one? Thank you in advance.
  7. Here are the details of my system: Win7 Professional, Service pack 1, 64bit 8GB RAM Intel Core i7 4510U You mentioned updating Visilogic, I am not sure that I can because we use Uni350-35-r34 and we have older firmware in ( and we have o lot these PLC so it is not possible to update all of them). And second reason is all my company use version 9.3.1 when I create project in 9.7.9 version will they abble to open it?
  8. When I put operand(which has a operand description) on the screen in the ladder, then I cannot see operand description. If it is the description short, it is shown, but only when it is MB operand. I have 9.3.1 version of Visilogic on Windows 7. I have tried advices (changing resolution, size of fonts etc..) which were mentioned in the other topic but they has not worked. College has the same version, same resolotion of the screen, same OS and it works correctly but He did not remember if He changed some settings. Could you help me?
  9. Thanks, but I need to create an oscillator. If I do not use the timer coil it will not oscillate.. I need to increment the counter in defined time(which can be changed via HMI). Is there any other easy way to do it?
  10. Thanks. I have done my "project". But I have 1 problem with toggling an outputs which I have been solving for 1 week but I still can not find the solution. I can not use your solution because I use the timer which time settings value is from variable in HMI. It is not a constant in the program. Why does my oscillator count twice faster?
  11. Thanks, but I can not find any similar examples. My first problem was resolved. Now I am thinking how to switch outputs periodically..
  12. Hello I am beginner of Unitronics PLC. I have V350 series,R34. Is here a demo or an example this type of application? First problem which I have to solve is how to set value into timer by writing value via HMI. Could you help me?
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