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  1. I have some of the tags in the struct shown as read only on the HMI displayed in an ADMIN section of my project. This does get rid of the warning when compiling, but I might be using the struct wrong for all I know. I guess it can be tied in with alarms, but this might be overkill.
  2. Would also like to see a similar IP Address feature. Ability to set IP Addresses as Retained Tag Values directly in UniLogic. (Panel IP / CPU IP / Ethernet IP Scanners / etc.) I'm guessing it's easier said than done (or maybe there's a reason it shouldn't be done someone can explain.) I have multiple projects all with the exact same code except for IP Addresses which have to be set manually in UniLogic every time for a download / update. Would be neat to not have to keep track of these numbers where something as simple as below example would work. Thanks
  3. Also have this same question using UAC. It is a nuisance to have to log back into the HMI every single time for a minor download when building / testing a program. marking UAC system struct as retained throws an error list warning that it is not recommended (still forces login anyways) Anybody know a work around / way to Enable/Disable UAC without Restoring all Defaults? Even a way to store the User name to the login box without needing to select from the drop down menu would save a couple steps and help. Thanks!
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