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  1. Hi! In my current project I need a little help from you guys! In one part of the project I need to control 216 outputs at the same time with a bit high frequency. ( Now, it's a working machine with Mitsubishi PLC, I have to replace it with unistream for other reason. By the way, the mitsubishi PLC has normal (no pwm) transistor outputs and a basic CPU model.) The requested frequency is 200Hz 20-45% DC. Now, I can reach 70-80Hz besides 5-6ms of PLC cycle time. In VisiLogic there is an opportunity called Write Output Immediately. Is it exists in UniLogic? Or it would be another option to reach 2ms wide impulses on outputs at lower frequency It is not acceptable to use UID-0808THS (200 PWM outputs non sense). Any idea? My PLC-s: USP-156-B10 UID-W1616Ts and lots of UID-0016Ts
  2. Hi, I have the same issue. Latest firmware, latest U90, run as admin, compatibility.... How to solve it? Error appers when I click to favorites icon
  3. I've just done forced update. Did not solve the trends problem
  4. Hi! Is there any option to increase VNC resulition size? I'm using Real VNC viewer and all of the Unistream PLC I've added have 800x480 resulition. Also the same (800x480) resulition when I'm using USP-156 which has 1366x768 resulition. It causes poor view on VNC. Any experiences with 15,6" and VNC?
  5. Hi Louis, I'm using UniLogic V 1.29.111 and I have the latest firmware. How do you mean to forcing an update? Need to start the procedure again? I'm just doing some logic to send emails. What are the issues?
  6. Sorry for my late! I was on a new project launch and I didn't have any freetime either energy to reply 🙂 Yes, I've inserted SD card. This is the first step after unboxing (it is necessary to update firmware what is my step 2) By the way I've just noticed a strange thing: is that normal if Sample Interval value equel to 0 in spite of that I set it to 10 seconds at the data sampler preferences? You can check it in this print screen: (You can also see the live values of the analog inputs) I'm also attach the project file! Trend.rar
  7. I've tried severel values without any differences. °C units = Thermocouple with current transmitter 0-1000 °C 4-20mA Pa units = Differencial pressure transmitter 0-1500Pa 4-20mA Yes, the values are linked to analog inputs with live values. It is a working system and I still don't understand why it happens 🙂 despite of I've done severel unistream projects with trends, data tables, email and so on. I am confused now
  8. UniLogic V1.29.111 USP-156-B10 I'm sorry it is not allowed to send my project file. However I've some USP-070 PLC in stock, I'll try trends on it and send some news
  9. Hi! First of all I'm attaching a photo: Why are the max values equals to 1? All the curves format settings are equal and all of these are INT16. What a hack am I doing wrong??? Please let me know before I freaking out 🙂
  10. Hi, first of all please let me know the difference between V1.29.111 and 103. (Version Changes and Bug reports haven't updated yet)! --- I am waiting for a solution in UAC idle timeout. It ignores if I navigate PLC through VNC connection and log me out despite clicks on the HMI severel times. Is it possible to reset Idle Timeout timer in every HMI changes? --- I noticed that I can't change the Message Box icons. After download it turns back to default green info symbol. Any solution for this in the new update? Best regards, Balazs Tarro
  11. Hey everyone, I have a little issue how UniStream managing passwords. If somebody is typing his/her own password on the PLC I can see all the letters via VNC connection. I mean I can see what buttons were pressed. Also the same in opposite situation. Our projects are monitorized by several user at the same time and it is not comfortable when a user sees admin passwords. Half-Solution: Using PC's keyboard --> only works with PC. People rather use mouse clicking Any solution for this? Best regards, Balázs
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