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SuchPLC reaction may occurs as a results of incompatibility system files versions.

Pleaseuse the latest VisiLogic V9.3.1 (Download)

Whenusing VisiLogic V9.3.1 (or any version) you must download all the system filesthat released with each version:

· Boot

· BinLib

· O/S

Usea COM port to download the BOOT and the BinLib.

***Avoid system incompatibility - Please note ***

Thesystem files in V9.X.X are not compatible with V7.X.X or V8.X.X

Makesure that you are using the O/S, BinLib, Boot that implement in each VisiLogicversion

1. Turn OFF the PLC and use it as standalone ( Disconnect I/Oexpansions ,Ethernet….)

2. Touch and hold the screen

3. Power ON while screen is touched

4. Touch twice in Bootstrap screen

Makesure the Connection Settings are correct (COM PORT RS232 ONLY, 115200baud rate and 6sec time out)

Pleasemake sure that you are using the latest system files (Go to help menu>updatefrom the web>operation system)

Downloada blank application to the PLC by using PC's COM Port and PLC's COM1 RS232.

Ifeverything is ok, try to download your application and let us know yourresults.

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I have had the same error in the past, and in my instance it was EMI related due to some grounding issues.

Try going through the published Unitronics document regarding EMI and the measures to take to minimize its effect.

You can download it at the very bottom of this link


It can also generate that error with a bad connection on the snap in IO and well as a bad connection to expansion IO.

The unfortunate thing is there are many different things that can cause that same exact error. It is best to just start with the most likely and address them one at a time until you rule them out.

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I also have a problem with a V570 stopping due to Fatal Error and displays the following...

V290/V570 (T20B)

O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal error)

003.004.16 Aug 24 2011 17:12:29

Enum : 0x00001110

IP : 0x000C7140 00077BDC

Ldr : 0x000001DC

Desc : Illegal Word Operand Access

Status : Idle

© Copyright by UNITRONICS

I thought I had upgraded to VisiLogic V9.3.1 but not by the method described here.

Must all upgrades be performed through the boot screen instead of the VisiLogic wizard?

What types of grounding issues should I look for?

Nothing in the EMI publication seems to point to a fault in the installation.

All help welcome. Thank you.

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