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URGENT! I/O bus error [Code 0]

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Hi everyone!

I have an urgent issue to solve 🫤

In one of my working project a new issue has appeared with the following error message:

I/O bus error [Code 0]


After a reboot the PLC working fine for about 10-15 minutes and the error appears again. Let me show the PLC I/O configuration :



I have just replaced the UAG-XKP300 (beetween the PLC and first row IOs) with a brand new one. Started the machine and it works fine...for about 15-20 minutes. The same error appears!

I've checked the IOs and all of it blinks red slowly, except one of its! UID-0808THS (number #18 IO modul, after the second UAG-XKP300) blinks red rapidly. 

Now I try to change the second UAG with a new one. 


But before error appears again, does anybody have any idea what to do? Try to change CPU ? What does error 0 mean?


Thank you! Unfortunately it is really important and should solve quickly 


Best regard,


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I'd create new projects and test each I/O section.   

Create one that only has the original block of I/O and test it.

Create another one that just has the original block and the 2nd (long) block of I/O.

Create a third one that has the original block and the 3rd (short) block of I/O.

That should tell you if each piece is operational and it shouldn't take that long to do it.



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