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Battery Low Bit Not Reset Itself After Battery Replacement

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I have a new V570-57-T20 with Hardware Revision: E and OS: 3.6 (03). I tested the battery low bit (SB8) by removing the battery and re-insert the battery when the unit is powered up. The battery low bit is not reset after the re-inserting the battery. A power cycle is required to reset the bit. Any one has the same issue with her/his V570 unit?

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I have tested this function before. The battery low bit can be set at any time and is completely dynamic on the turning on part of the function. To get the bit to turn off you must cycle the power to the PLC. I tried to make an "I have changed the battery" button that would reset the bit (provided you really did change the battery with a good one), but the reset is constantly eing overwritten by some other decision the PLC is making and will not reset. I also tried to reset the bit by going online with the PLC with the same negative result.

So long story short....The low battery bit can only be reset with a power recycle and it is not a glitch with just your V570.


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just to add another question related to this topic.

I have read in other topics that to change the battery you loose all the information stored in the RAM and must use remote access to download the settings.

Is this also the case with the V1040 where the battery is accessible without powering down the unit.

In relation to the topic above, surely the bit going from high to low is constantly being updated, to have the bit only tested on power up would mean the battery could be drained for a considerable time without knowing.



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If you change the battery without powering down, then you don't lose the RAM information. This has only been possible since the introduction of the separate battery compartment (V530/570/1040/1210).

I understood the above post to say that the transition of SB8 from low to high is immediate, as soon as the battery is low (which agrees with my experience). So the "battery low" condition is detected in a timely manner. However the transition from high to low is only updated on power-up.

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