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Software and hardware for planth grow chamber

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Hi. After spending a lot of nights, I've finished software and hardware for planth grow chambers.

Sorry, but I don't have photos of hardware.

post-800-0-25200200-1349183932_thumb.png - main screen of chamber data

post-800-0-10390000-1349184089_thumb.jpg - first group of settings

post-800-0-44512000-1349184142_thumb.jpg - custom parameter editor with help

post-800-0-61403300-1349184215_thumb.jpg - custom alarms list

I've implemented also advanced web server, logging to SD card and many other functions ;)

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That was nice one. As i am new to such HMI design iam eager to know how did you did this. Because when i put a simple circle, itself pixelating. But how did you make this flash screen looks is there any software are you designed it in photoshop and add it. I have done that also but that too had the pixeleting effect.

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Thanks :)

All is created in Photoshop. Pixeleting effect is only on values displayed by O/S.

Buttons for example, are created using "Bitmap 1/0" where Link and Touch are the same MB, and reaction for pressing is on negative transition |N| for nice "animation" effect ;)

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