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I have been asked a question about which operands are used by the Advanced Webserver. I always thought this was clear, but when I go searching for the answer, I can't find one.

The question was posed in the old forum (go to final post) but was not answered:



  • if I have to use this as a template then which operands are free? for example if you search MI4 it is used but 5 through to 48 are not used but when monitored they have values in them. Are they free to use? This is also the case for many other MI's
  • if the unused (not checked as used but holding values) operands are actually used but not directly declared in the ladder then can any one confirm exactly which operands are free for my use?

The person who asked me the question also reports that values are being overwritten even though they are not listed as used in the basic webserver program.

It looks like the advanced webserver uses some vectors, does any one have a comprehensive list?

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Dear Lukas,

Do you have example of case, when you contacted Unitronics support team (support@unigtronics.com) and didn't receive answer?

We are putting a lot of efforts to answer all the requests and questions ASAP. If we missed something, I really need ot know and I beleive your feedback will help us to improve our service.

The list of operands, used in Enhanced web server will be posted soon.

We cannot open Enhanced web server password. As stated in our site, this is third party development. The author was very kind to agree to post it free of charge, but is not ready to open it. I think this is his right.

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