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keypad entry dont work

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I am programing Unitronics V1210 with VisiLogic v.9.4.0.

The program I am working at, does suddenly not work as it should, when I touch the numeric displays with Keypad Entry, there I am supposed to change the numeric values, nothing happens, No keypad pop up.

And if I goes to the Information mode the password is requested, the password windows pops up but then nothing hapens, I cant type the password and cant escape.

I have puted in older version of my program that did work before, but now the same problem is there, the keypad window wil not appear, but It comes a little flash on the screen.

Is there a solution for this problem?

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Without seeing your application...just a shot in the dark...

I had a similar problem with a V570. Turns out I had an active "Show Alarm" function block, but there there was no alarm configured for the ID# specified, so it didn't appear on the screen. I could navigate through various screens no problem, but any fields/buttons that required pop-up keypads were not functional.


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