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v570 Blank Screen...

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Need Help....

In the begining of the OS Update after the erasing the system files there was a comunication fail and then...nothing....no system....

After I read on the forums to go step by step....I tried to update the bin library....After erasing the bin lyb again comunication fail....

Now I have a blank screen and beeping from the PLC....When I try to make an update...on the middle of the update...comunication fail....


Com1, br 115200,

win7, 64bit


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It seems that indeed the BinLib version cause to this issue.

Please try to recover the PLC as follow:

Use COM1 RS232 115200 baud rate 2sec time out

Connect 6 wire cable instead of the 4 wire cable.

Reboot the PLC

The PLC should beep > tap once to stop the beeping

Go to VisiLogic>communication & O/S, the 4th tab is system modes

Check the communication by clicking on the GET button

If you have a communication>Switch to Factory BOOT

Go to O/S tab>check Download only the BinLib by clicking on the Advance button>BinLib (only)

If the download will success, then replace to 4 wire back and download the BOOT and then the O/S.

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I don't know how to thank you Mozes......

It worked but not with a 6 wire cable....As you said direct RS232, till now I was using USB to RS232 and losing the communication all the time....I went to a friend and with an older PC and built in RS232 port....

Saved it....

Now it's working as a charm....


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The topic of the quirky USB->serial converter has been brought up before, but it's worth mentioning again. I did a project this year integrating our standard converter (MJ10-22-CS35 using the Prolific PL2302 chipset) into a test and data acquisition system running tests on appliances. This converter usually works fine but is not isolated and if there is a ground potential difference between the PLC and the computer the converter is plugged into then all kinds of intermittent gremlins get into the system, resulting in communications failure.

I swapped out the converters to isolated ones recommended by Walkerok - part number USB-COMi-M available at several online sources. These are more expensive than ours but work extremely well. I've had no problems since I swapped them out.

Joe T.

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