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we have been using V350 to monitor water flow to the molds in our injection molding operations. i have been added them to the machines 2 per month. the units come for our supplier mount in an enclosure and wire to a terminal strip. we have about 10-15 units in the plant. when i went to install a unit today everything went just like is has on the other units. wire the unit in and powered it up, the unit booted and the stock screen saver loaded and ran. when i went back with the laptop to load the program into the unit. after about 30 mins of messing around with the laptop i went and got a different laptop and had the same problem. i then swapped the V350 with a unit waiting to be installed. now everthing is fine. the problem is in this unit not the wiring. i have been using vision controllers for almost 3 years or more and have never had an issue with the hardware. anyone have any ideas on something that i might have overlooked.

thanks for any info you can give me.

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