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I am building an application that I am using the binary image/ switch on. I have a lot of these as I am using them as status indicators for my IO. The problem is that when I do a download I get a warning for every one of these the states the font can't be found. I have not option to choose a font. I have this same problem with a few of my buttons. Is there a work around or is there someting that I am missing?

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Is it possible for you to put a copy of your program on the post? I do the same thing you do on most of my touch screen programs where I put binay images for an easy IO check and I have never recieved a message like this, but I would be willing to examine your program to see if I can figure anything out.


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Two suggestions, as this error really can't happen under normal circumstances.

1) Re-check to confirm what the warning is referring to. Visilogic warnings can often be a bit misleading and can sometimes refer to something else and fool you, particularly HMI warnings when there are many elements on the screen.

2) If it turns out that the warning really is for the font on a binary image switch, then you might want to consider re-installing Visilogic. Something is seriously wrong.

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