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Hy all,

I am new around here so big cheers to every one...

I have problem with connecting to my plc v1020 via ethenrnet port. I am using v200-19 ET1 snap in modul.

I programmed it correctly and i can ping my Plc, but when i try to connect with him in visio logic or by my aplication i get comunication error.

In visio is standard communication error....Both devices are new and i am the first user.

Can anybody help me??

Thank You very much

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Thank you for answer... last night about 1AM 0'clock I solved the problem. I used socket 20257 becasue 20256 was in use (I progamed in PLC 20256 to be used ?!?), and I must use start bit to initialize network. It isnt like in webinars :)

Another problem I have is with readWrite function for reading MF registers for my SCADA program which i progamed in C#. I have examples for MI MB nad other Registers, what's the form for reading and writing in MF registers?

Thank you alot for help.

I can if need explaine more how I solved the problem.

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  • MVP 2023

- Make sure PC is on the same subnet as the PLC address.

- Use socket 1, port 20256, at least initially until you work out all your connection issues.

- Some PC firewalls can get stubborn and will want you to be on the 192.168.1.xxx subnet - try that (on both PC & PLC) if you aren't already.

- Check your cables. You need a crossover cable unless you're using an ethernet switch.

- Check your System Bits 141-150 to confirm that the ethernet card is present, initialized, socket initialized, etc.

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