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Operands stored on SD card

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Hello Delphin,

Your question is "How to display realtime Trends, include history, on modile phone".

Please open a new topic for it in "Vision PLC series and VisiLogic", like Flex727 did for "Trends" function.

It will make an order in topics and will simplify search for members.

In topic body please provide information about mobile phone you wish to use, screen resolution etc. This will help to answer your question.


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UTR files can be opened only using SD card manager (under SD card Suite).

Well, I think SD card manager doesn't open UTR files, we need to convert from UTR to USD before.

I would like open UTRs from SD without the tedious way to convert like I can do with .CSV now.

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My original thread seems to have been hijacked, so just in case my remaining question has been overlooked I'll repeat it - I really need an answer:

Sorry to be so dense, but I'm still not understanding the workaround. Cara, you said, "Until we issue a new OS, save the values again after the power up scan." I don't understand what this means - EVERY scan is after the power up scan. Furthermore, saving the values doesn't appear to be the problem (at least a file is created, though maybe it's garbage), it appears to me to be the upload to PLC that's not working correctly. Perhaps my understanding of the issue is faulty - can you explain in more detail?

This issue is important to me and I need to understand exactly what is going on. I have a number of PLCs at customer sites with very specific configurations that would be very difficult to reproduce manually. I have always saved the operands to the SD card (along with the application, etc) in the event of some catastrophe to allow the customer to return his PLC, new or otherwise, to the correct state quickly. Are those operand files flawed, or do I need a specific upload procedure?

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