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First of all, I would like to say I love your controllers! They are excellent and make work so much more easier and automated.


Second, I seem to have stumbled on a very peculier state in which an HMI screen is simply responding very slow (Slow frame rate?) the scan time is normal: 2 - 4 ms and for some reason only a single HMI screen in the multitude of screens is responding slow.


Controller\PC Setup: V1040 OPLC with V200-18-E3/4XB Snap-In and two expansion units: IO-AO6X and IO-DI16.

Visilogic 9.4.0 (Having trouble converting to 9.5.0... - for next time) running on Intel Pentium 4, 3.00GHz under Windows 7, 32-bit with 4 GB ram.


The Visilogic itself is a bit slow at times, but I would hardly believe this to have an affect on the PLC itself.


I have about 8 HMI screens on a program, with 8 ladders for each screen. I designed to program to run more than one ladder at the same time, but just to figure this out, I cancled all of them and kept the single problematic HMI screen+ladder running, and still the HMI screen is slow to respond (button pressing, switchs change bitmaps etc).


Even disabling the ladder and simply staying on the HMI is not helpful - even when no ladder logic is being used (accepting voltage) the respons time of the HMI is still slow - and this is just one single screen.


I have found an SI which I believe is the frame rate or a very good identifier of it, since it only changes to a very low number when i am displaying this HMI.


SI 44 - Although it is undocumented anywhere I looked, apparently, changes between 256 and 20 whenever I display the problematic HMI.


Every other HMI screen has SI 44 at 256, but when I display the problematic HMI, SI 44 changes rapidly from 256 to 20-21. Hope it helps you figure it out.


Thanks alot for your help!



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